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Why Sit-stand desking has your back

Sit-stand desks are a great and affordable solution to keep you healthy and active at work. You can electronically adjust the height of your desk, in a quick and efficient way, for your desk to adapt to your needs throughout the day. Good practice is actually to change from sitting to standing every 30 minutes! We especially love AB4’s sit-stand desks because they are easily adjustable, and can be adapted to your own office design: you can select from a range of top finishes or use your own!

Our special offer with AB4

We partnered with the Leeds-based business AB4 to offer you the best combination for wellbeing in your organisation: sit-stand-desks and wellbeing workshops! We are both passionate about promoting wellbeing in the workplace and decided to join forces to help your workplace support high standards of productivity and low absenteeism. As interiors and office accessory specialists, AB4 can help improve your workplace in many ways, and the one we especially like is Sit-Stand Desks!​


AB4 Electric Sit-Stand Desks
AB4 Electric Sit-Stand Desks

Get in touch with AB4 for any further information: they would be happy to come on a free consultation to discuss your wellbeing visions and practices and to help you ensure you are doing what you can to keep your teams well in your workplace!

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