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If you are able to take charge of your own destiny, you first need to work out what is important to you.  What do you really want your destiny to be?  


In this one-day course, you will develop your sense of wellbeing by discovering and connecting with your beliefs about your world and yourself.  You will discover ways to integrate who you are personally with who you are professionally and make the use of your time and energy more meaningful.  You will create your own strategies for a sustainable work-life and enhance your employability now and in the future.


Topics covered 

Work out what is important to you and discover your destiny
Discover your beliefs and values and how they help or hinder you
Make better use of your time and energy
Find strategies that connect your heart, mind, body, and soul
Plan your next career move to take charge of your destiny.



Full Day | £1,250 | Max 15 attendees | On-site OR Online | Pen, paper, flip chart and projector required

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