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Why ?

As one of the fastest growing leisure activities in the UK, cycling has become hugely popular. Since 2009, British Cycling (with Sky and now HSBC backing) have inspired over 1.7 million Britons to ride their bikes. The implications for Workplace Wellbeing are significant. Those organisations prepared to piggyback on this popularity and invest wisely in Cycling-related projects can unlock huge benefits from a more ‘present’ and engaged workforce.


How ? 

Most organisations have already implemented the cycling basics such as bike storage, showers and bike-2-work scheme. However, simply investing in these things means that most organisations are failing to realise the biggest benefits.

What ?



During this workshop, participants will not only collect many new wellbeing ideas, but also discover how to motivate people to WANT to get involved. Delegates will discover rarely-utilised techniques to transform organisations into brilliant places to work through Cycling.



Discover why investment in Cycling makes sense

The MAPP-T model – what is it and how it influences people

Group Activity & Discussion: how cycling initiatives plug into the model

Actions & close

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