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The yoga session is designed to combat and undo the effects of working at a desk; to improve body posture, digestion, to prevent the common aches - the result of sitting hunched over a desk and releasing mental and physical tension. 

Topics covered

This session will include: guided meditation, breathing technique and a yoga class followed by deep relaxation. Throughout the session the expert will be explaining the importance of these techniques and methods together with some practical tools participants can apply in their day-to-day. Our yoga session can be adapted to the specific needs of your workforce: back pain, muscle tensions, posture improvement...



60 - 120 min | £100ph + £1 per yoga mat | Max 30 attendees | On-site OR Online | Yoga mats required

'The yoga session really helped our team members with their posture and back pain. It was so popular that we booked a weekly on-site session for the coming months!'

_ West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce


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