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Health checks are an easy straightforward way to ensure your staff’s wellbeing. They are short appointments covering and checking the main components of health in today’s society: blood pressure, heart rate, body mass index, cholesterol, diabetes, and lifestyle.



Making sure you have a healthy workforce is a good way to enhance your staff performance to support your business growth. Employees get their personal report and advice on any follow-up actions they may require to guarantee the improvement of their health when and if needed (signposting to other health professionals/organisations for instance)



The health checks would be a 20-minute appointment per member of staff and would include:

– Blood pressure and heart rate check

– Height & weight/body mass index/waist measurement 

– Finger prick cholesterol check

–  Diabetes risk assessment 

– Lifestyle advice including healthy eating, exercise, alcohol intake and stress


A ‘Keep Well At Work’ stand can also be provided in combination with the health checks or as a stand-alone option. The stand is a fun and interactive display of health and wellbeing resources plus a drop-in blood pressure check.


Details 20 min for each check | £1,250 per day | On-site

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