Why ?

Mindfulness is a very ancient technique of meditation, dating back to the pre-Christian era, yet its simplicity, adaptability, and range of practical applications make it startlingly relevant for our modern times. It is currently being used for healthcare, education, sports, and business, on account of its many benefits. Modern science has established a wide range of positive effects, including:

  • Relieving stress and promoting relaxation.

  • Increased mental performance, concentration, and attention.

  • More effectiveness in the workplace, including better organisational skills and creativity.

  • Greater happiness, confidence, and wellbeing.

  • Improved health and vitality.

  • Greater satisfaction in relationships.

  • Mastering our everyday thoughts and emotions, rather than being driven by them.


How ? 

This session will support delegates to recognise and experience different types of Listening. Delegates will gain new skills in listening and to understand how active listening and being present helps us to be more connected to our work colleagues and all the people we have relationships with. 


Topics covered

Listening, being present, withholding judgement, assumptions and opinions, understanding each other. 


60 min | £250 | Max 30 attendees | On-site OR Online | Flip chart required

This was well received by the staff with comments that they found the meditation tips helpful and it was a really useful introduction to mindfulness

_St Gemma's Hospice

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