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With research showing that there are 1 in 6 people at work with mental ill-health, and the cost of mental ill-health to UK organisations reaching £42bn annually there is more need than ever for organisations to create a culture of open-ness and support. Organisations often overlook the fact that they can be part of the treatment/recovery plan – work can provide a sense of purpose, responsibility, achievement, social connection and staying active. This workshop will give managers the confidence and skills to conduct sensitive and supportive conversations with employees around mental health. 


Topics covered 

Explore the concept of mental health
Consider the causes, signs and symptoms of mental health conditions
Develop an awareness of the common mental health illnesses and the stigma of labelling people
Build best practice of how to support, where to signpost and what reasonable work adjustments can be made
Learn how to have a supportive conversation around mental health
Connect mental health with overall wellbeing and resilience


Details Full Day | £1,250 | Max 30 attendees | On-site OR Online | Pen, paper, flip chart and projector required

‘Quick short tips that have instant impact, thought-provoking’


Mental Wellbeing Leeds Yorkshire
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