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The American Journal of Public Health has shown that crafting reduces stress and anxiety, and boosts positivity and connectedness. Using our hands to create puts us in a place of ‘flow’, of being in the present, focusing on the physical actions we’re taking and improving hand eye coordination. Creating something tangible out of materials is rewarding and gives us a sense of accomplishment, particularly for those in office environments were work is largely computer-based. Crafting is also a companionable activity, encouraging chatter, conversation and curiosity amongst teams. This is actively encouraged!



Our workshops focus on easy to follow crafts, with a knowledgeable tutor taking participants through all the steps to make a final project they’ll be proud of and enjoy making. All courses can be taught in a meeting room / clear desk environment.


In this workshop, participants will choose from a range of papercut templates and colourful papers to make a complete piece of artwork, ready to take home and frame. This workshop involves sharp tools and is only suitable for those aged 18 and over.



120 min | £500 + £5pp for material | Max 20 attendees | On-site | Table and chairs required


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