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Founded in the late 20th Century, Pilates focuses on strengthening the core muscles of the body and improving your all round physical well-being. It is a low impact form of exercise and concentrates on the use of control and balance. Pilates classes will follow a series of postures and exercises that build muscular strength and give you a greater mind and body awareness.



Pilates help

- Decrease stress levels

- Improve posture

- Improve focus and efficiency

According to the NHS, Back pain is the leading cause of long-term sickness in the UK, responsible for more than 15 million lost work days in 2013. Pilates can tackle this. It will help improve the flexibility and strength of the spine and prevent potential lower back pain, which can be very common in people who are at their desk everyday and do not exercise frequently enough.



We’ll bring Pilates to your office, you can do a 30 - 45 minute session of standing Pilates. This means there’s no need to change your clothes or get sweaty! You can walk from your desk to the boardroom have and rid yourself of shoulder, neck and back tension, strengthen and improve your balance and then feel focused for the rest of the afternoon.


Bring your own mat and we can do standard Pilates matwork on the floor to loosen up the back, relax and get some serious ab work in at lunchtime?


Details 60 min | £100ph + £1 per yoga mat | Max 20 attendees | On-site OR Online | Large space required

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