How to remain well at work this Christmas season?

The Christmas season is always a challenging one. We talk about season, because Christmas in the UK is not just between the 24th and the 26th of December. It starts now, in November (!) with all the Christmas parties with family, friends, colleagues, schools… Is it possible to remain well during this season and still be able to eat some great food on the 25th? The answer is yes!

Here are our four top tips to experience a healthy Christmas season in your workplace:

  • Decide your treats: decide what you enjoy and would like to treat yourself with. Maybe one piece of cake per week? One piece of chocolate every three days? Decide with your current food habits, make sure it would make you feel good (and not sick or frustrated!), and write it down! Commit to yourself and follow up during the month, it will be much easier!

  • Eat Small portions: yes, you can eat everything, in reasonable quantities! Please note that if your feel frustrated the whole day or week, you are more likely to end up eating the whole chocolate box all at once! Make sure you eat what makes you feel good (and is good for your body), and in reasonable quantities

  • Learn to say no to the treats you didn’t decide: this one might be the most difficult one. Saying no is something we are not all very good at. If you have decided your treats and committed to yourself, make sure you don’t eat a piece of cake just to make your colleague at work happy. You’ll end up frustrated and disappointed with yourself. Just say, ‘I’m sorry, I’ve eaten to much cake lately’, or take a small piece just to try the taste, or bring some satsunas at work! They go well with coffee or tea, are healthy and full of Vitamin C, and can easily be a nice afternoon treat replacing the cake habit!

  • Find your routine: It can be difficult to keep exercising when you have dinners and parties more often than usual. The easiest way to keep exercising is to set up a routine for yourself that is easy to follow – so easy that you don’t have to think about it (because if you think twice, you end up lying on the sofa even longer). Go for a walk over lunchtime, cycle to work, practice yoga in your living room in the morning, … There are many options that can suit each and everyone of us! Why waiting for the new year to set healthy goals? Starting now would make it even easier next month!

And what about the Christmas parties at work? They are all great to gather the whole team and have fun, true. What about the day after in the workplace? No one is at his best, right?

We prepared everything for you this Christmas and designed post-Christmas Parties wellbeing sessions. You could get some gentle yoga or pilates session, gentle chair-massage and a healthy breakfast to boost your day!

Please get in touch for more details, we’d be happy to bring some wellbeing and productivity at work for the recovery days!

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