The wellbeing experiences we loved in Yorkshire in November

Today is the day! We’re starting our new monthly habit - why waiting for the new year? – of sharing what we enjoyed in the past month in Leeds and Yorkshire! Every month from now on, we will share with you a selection of wellbeing experiences we enjoyed and would invite you to try as soon as possible!

In the past month, we discovered three completely new experiences (to us!), from various fields, all Yorkshire-based, and all full of positive vibes! Here they are:

We joined Kelly from Yorkshire Yogi on a Saturday morning to spend a full day in Marsden, Huddersfield, near the canal. Waking up early and driving in the rain was nothing to go through compared to what we got out of this wonderful day! Kelly welcomed us outside, and we took the boat on the canal from the parking lot to the venue, what a beautiful way to start the day! Faith then welcomed us with a warm tea and we started the activities: a restoring Yoga session, a very tasty lunch, a ‘mindful’ walk in the woods, and finally a Yoga Nidra relaxing practice! All of this in one day! Yes indeed! We absolutely loved the atmosphere and the diverse activities offered! A day full of self-care, we would highly recommend to all of you!

To find out about the next retreats by Yorkshire Yogi, have a look here:

  • Urban Bootcamp with Trib3 in Leeds City Centre

We tried bootcamp for the first time this past month. And not any type of bootcamp: Urban Bootcamp by Trib3 in Leeds! We loved it! Bootcamp is a very intense physical practice: 45 minutes of trying to get your heart rate above 90% of its own capacity! Well, easier said than done. The bootcamp room - dark and full of workout music – is divided in three parts: treadmills, resistance zone and intensity zone. You go from zone to zone and from exercise to exercise following the instructions of the trainer. And you push yourself more than what you would expect, probably because of the workout environment and people around you suffering too! It’s hard, but 100% worth it, go for it! Furthermore, location is very central (on Wellington street), the building is beautifully designed and well refurbished, and the team is very welcoming and helpful (even if you never tried bootcamp before!)

To find out more about Trib3 in Leeds, have a look here:

Have you ever seen people wandering in the streets of Leeds, just looking around, head in the clouds and mind in the stars? They might have been having a street wisdom experience! Yes, you read it right: Street. Wisdom. Leeds. Street Wisdom is a community movement which started in 2013 by David Pearl and is one of the best self-coaching experience we have ever tried! A usual street wisdom experience lasts three hours. There is always a facilitator guiding you and helping you to get the most out of it. You start with a few ‘warming-up’ walks in the streets with one question at a time. Then you pick up a question that you might be struggling with and keep it at the back of your mind while you go for a longer walk. And you remain aware of your senses: what you see, hear, touch, taste, smell give you some answers!

My personal experience was full of surprises: at the back of my mind, my question was ‘how do I ensure a good work-life balance for the months to come?’. In my wander, I walked into a Boots, and one of the make-up artist walked to me asking ‘Would you like to try our new foundations?’. What an appropriate question! Maybe shall I re-think the foundations of my life, re-focus on the key areas that are important to me? Being ‘plugged-in’ into an observing mindset, you walk and interact mindfully, and get insights and answers! It is a free coaching session on the streets of Leeds!

To find out more about Street Wisdom, have a look here:

And if you want more of them, have a look at Leeds Wellbeing Week’s website (next edition March 2018), there might be some opportunities coming up soon… Keep your eyes opened and your mind plugged!

>> Would you have anything to recommend to us? What shall we try in Leeds this month? Contact us now to share your ideas 😊 <<

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