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Meditation? But This Is A Place Of Work!

Employers up and down the country do everything that they can to offer a package for their prospective employees that is not only attractive, but beneficial for everyone. It’s why remote working is the newest ‘thing’ in the workplace, because our capabilities with technology are now so absolute that we can work and communicate from anywhere. Employers such as yourself are likely to talk the talk about caring for your staff, telling them that their efforts are appreciated, and you want to do more to relieve their stress. So, how about suggesting meditation?

Meditation and work in the same sentence doesn’t really sound right, does it? Well, it should! We all know how to crush the working world: you work around the clock, say yes to overtime as much as possible and you are at the beck and call of your employer at a moment’s notice. Except no, that’s not right. Companies with the big names also disagree, with businesses such as Google even understanding that the best gift that you can give your staff is downtime. It’s all about being as productive as possible, and while people will find their ways outside of work to stay relaxed and calm, such as a drink with friends, CBD paste and even adrenaline-pumping exercise to burn off the tension, you need to do what you can for your people while you’re with them. People spend most of their week in the office, grafting and working hard to propel your business. So, it’s only fair that you work with them and for them to keep them happy. The way to go is meditation and here’s why:

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  1. You can prevent your staff from burning out quickly if you are incorporating it into your daily routine. Do you want people in the office to get going with work at 9am? Well, get them into the office at 8.30am and spend half an hour stretching and meditating as a collective office. You can keep the best talent in your business happy because they are starting their day relaxed and rejuvenated.

  2. Your whole office culture can be boosted with meditation. People will know you actually care about them and how they feel in the workplace. You can bring in outside staff to do a meditation class as often as you’d need, but when your staff know that you care, they work better, and they do better work. It’s a loyalty thing; sometimes, you have to show that you are the loyal one.

  3. Your employees are more productive overall with meditation. They are clearer minded and less stressed. When they are happy, mindful and relaxed, their work ethic improves, and it is always so much better to have a happy and secure staff, right?

Your methods and benefits packages so far may be working very well to help your staff to feel included and important to you – how about trying meditation and seeing whether you have something more for them up your sleeve?

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