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Try this 60-second breathing exercise to boost your energy instantly

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If you’re dragging yourself without energy right now, don’t grab another cup of coffee or a candy bar. You know these aren’t good for you…

You might feel like taking a nap but heck… you need to get the job done asap.

What if there was a natural way to re-energize your body & mind fast?

Let me show you a simple breathing exercise you can do anywhere. It only takes 60 seconds and it doesn’t have any negative side effects like caffeine or sugar.

It will help you relax and focus. You will tackle the task at hand and cross it off of your to-do list in no time.

Let’s talk about breathing for a moment

When you breathe properly, you bring adequate oxygen in your body. Oxygen produces energy. Also, the up & down movement of the diaphragm massages your organs. This is pumping blood and unblocks your energy. That’s good stuff.

But most of us don’t breathe correctly. And that’s bad news because we take about 20,000 breaths every single day. Imagine the cumulative stress of not breathing right.

What’s not right breathing?

It’s when we take rapid, shallow breaths that only fill the top portion of our lungs. You can also see the shoulders coming up, and tension building in the neck. Not good.

You can change this with a simple 60-second energy-boosting breathing exercise.

This exercise will correct your breathing pattern. When you do it, your diaphragm moves up & down and you’re bringing more oxygen in your body. You also stimulate the nerves inside your nose which makes you feel relaxed & focused.

Plus, this exercise is like a mini-meditation. You bring your attention to your breath and you count. Your mind gets a point to focus, instead of jumping from one thought to another like crazy.

Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Put one hand on your belly, and the other on your chest. Step 2: Breathe in slowly through your nose for 6 seconds (count to 6). Step 3: Hold your breath for 2 seconds (count to 2) Step 4: Exhale through pursed lips for 7 seconds (count to 7). Step 5: Repeat this 15-second cycle 3 more times

As you’re breathing in, feel your belly coming out. The chest moves up only at the end of the inhalation, and just for a little bit. As you’re breathing out, feel your belly coming in.

So, give it a try now and see how you feel.

If you do it right, you should feel calmer and less tired.

You might need to practice it a few times before you perfect it. When you do, you’ll have a natural way to get in a more productive state of mind and boost your energy whenever you need it.


About Stefanos

A lot of people experience low energy at work, so Stefanos created the “Wake Up Your Body” low-intensity fitness class to help corporate & leadership teams stay energised & productive all day. Get in touch to know more and get some fitness in your workplace!


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