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Connection and Communication: Why Spending Time With Loved Ones Is More Important Than Ever

Have you fully re-entered real life yet?

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Spend Time With Loved Ones - @leedswellbeingweek

Connection. Communication. Conversation. More buzzwords. Sometimes we hear so much we filter it all out, get lost in the daily grind, and forget to slow down and foster the relationships that sustain us. But if the last few years of unprecedented times and a world turned topsy-turvy have taught us anything, it’s to prioritise the time we spend with loved ones - not take it for granted!

Want to slow down, reach out, and reconnect, but don’t know where to start? Whether you’re looking for yourself or doing some mindfulness workplace research, we’ve got you covered.

Give yourself some robust mental health and wellbeing training by making a contentious effort to boost your relationships in all areas with our guidance below!

Social relationships are critical for promoting wellbeing.”

Build Connections, Build Happiness

A life of lockdowns and a reality of, well, virtual reality, has left us all feeling isolated in more ways than one. It can be hard to reach back out, but being slow, decisive, and purposeful in rebuilding connections is a great form of mindfulness… Think about it: what is mindfulness to you?

Whether it’s for work, pleasure, or researching health and wellbeing courses online - today’s digital technology of video calls, texts, and near-limitless data means we can relay information at a faster rate than ever before. Yet, there’s something about real-world connection that the virtual world can’t replace.

What are the benefits of mindfulness at work and at play? According to the Mayo Clinic, spending time with those you care about…

  • Increases your sense of belonging and purpose;

  • Boosts your happiness;

  • Reduces stress;

  • Improves your self-confidence and self-worth;

  • Builds resilience;

  • Encourages a healthy lifestyle;

  • Improves mental health.

These emotional foundations are vital to wellness. More importantly, our human relationships - friends, family, colleagues - act as building blocks that strengthen and sustain our wellness. Shaking off the shackles of your screen and breaking out your comfort zone is the best wellbeing champion training out there.

Now we know why building relationships is so vital to personal health and wellbeing training, especially in a post-pandemic era of connection issues (and we don’t just mean bad WiFi!), it’s important to go over how to build them.

Bonding Time: Activity Ideas

Whether you’re wanting to revitalise your real world close relationships with family, friends, or a partner, or are just looking for some staff wellbeing ideas that bolster the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace, here are some activity mindfulness examples and suggestions…

  • Go for a group meal - breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even brunch

  • Meet for a coffee morning

  • Cook a new recipe you’ve never had before with someone else

  • Host a baking competition

  • Crafting or DIY projects - put those random new lockdown projects you definitely half-started to use

  • Provide your own running commentary - chat through a film or a TV show with purpose by playing art critic

  • Join or start a book club

  • Play some board games - though beware of Monopoly if you’re trying to build relationships, not destroy them

  • Play some card games

  • Play retro video games - good old-fashioned side-by-side co-op couch style, no online options here

  • Build a puzzle

  • Host a themed party or event

  • Have a cocktail-making session

  • Do an escape room

  • Go to an exhibit or event - such as museums, halls, local festivals, fairs, or exhibitions

  • Take some local classes - such as pottery or painting

  • Get outside! - Nature is the perfect playground that has no software glitches…

    • Play a sport - Running, Football, Tennis, Tag, the list goes on: the original team building exercise

    • Bike riding - bonus points for taking the scenic route

    • Do some gardening

    • Go for a picnic

    • Take a hike

    • Host a BBQ

    • Walk in the park - it’s as easy as a…

    • Stargaze - for the night owls

  • Self-care sessions - do some pampering, either in a salon or DIY at home

  • Do some yoga - either at home or find a class

...And those are just some points from the endless list of things to do to communicate and relate to others. Plus - you get to treat yourself to some in-the-moment, offline fun at the same time. Win-win.

Remember: If you’re feeling overwhelmed at all the options, or at taking those steps to reach out and organise something, that’s understandable. We’re still all a bit rusty at this, after all!

The strongest connections are the ones we make ourselves, not the one with the WiFi.” Anon

Your Turn - Go For It

Mindfulness, Wellbeing Workshops, Wellbeing Webinars, Wellbeing Consultancy, Wellbeing at Work, Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Make Your Relationships Stronger Than Ever

We’ve discussed the why, we’ve shared the how - time to get ready for the now!

The best part? The benefits are as real as the world we’re finally back in. Plus, these are all activities that can, and should, take place in the real world. Away from a screen. Focus all your attention on the moment, on building memories that will last a lifetime, stored somewhere greater than the cloud storage your technological devices connect to: in the hearts and minds of your nearest and dearest.

(Struggling to break the digital dependency, even when you’re trying to be in the moment? Check out our advice on steps to take to disconnect virtually and reconnect to reality in three easy steps.)

Put these ideas to good use in your personal life, in your wellbeing ideas for staff, in your daily interactions…

To learn more, or for any general enquiries, get in touch with us at


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