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The Wellbeing Experiences we loved in Yorkshire in February

As we keep discovering great wellbeing initiatives in Leeds and Yorkshire, we keep sharing them with you! Most of the ones we have already shared with you in November, December and January are still on, please do not hesitate to have a look at them on Mind It’s blog if you want more!.

In February, despite the cold and the snow, we discovered and enjoyed four events in Leeds and Yorkshire for our own wellbeing! Here they are:

  • Have you struggled to find local organic food at affordable prices? A new solution has just arrived in Leeds… and you’ll love it! The Food Assembly Leeds sourced local organic producers and weekly put their available products on their online platform. You can then weekly do your shopping online (but don’t have to, no commitment!) and pick up your order at the Grub & Grog on Wednesdays evening. And even better: 80% of the sales prices go to the producers directly! So not only will you eat great products, but you will also support great entrepreneurs! It's FREE to join - Have a look at the products available: meat, fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese, eggs… all locally produced and organic at affordable prices. A dream, right?

The Food Assembly Leeds

  • We felt very lucky to have attended Zoe’s session on 'Overcoming Nerves and Fears', as part of the ‘Break Free, Find Clarity’ program. During the session, with a few other people, we felt comfortable opening up about our fears, sharing our experiences with the group, and finding answers together to move forward! The conclusion of the session was ‘What you feed wins’… Don’t feed your fears! Pick up your dreams and aspirations, they are the key ones! The monthly ‘Break Free, Find Clarity’ sessions run by Zoe (Refreshed Minds) are the opportunity for entrepreneurs to break free from the daily to-do lists and to gain clarity by stepping back and joining a group of like-minded people, who often face the same issues. It is a great safe space to open up, learn and grow – yourself as well as your business! The next one is on the 13th of March, in Brighouse, and will focus on 'Procrastination and How to Get Stuff Done'! We highly recommend you to book!

Zoe Refreshed Minds

  • We were also happy to give a speech in front of GPs on how to go from Stressful to Mindful at Inspired Medics event. Very interesting to hear the viewpoints of GPs on their own job and their coping mechanisms to overcome stress and anxiety – because it is such a stressful (and lonely!) profession! We shared a few tips with them, around sleeping, planning, disconnecting… and advised them to start with baby steps by choosing only one tip. We’re strong believer that you can change everything, but one thing at a time. Inspired Medics has been created to provide GPs and Health Care Professionals with training, and they have a strong focus on wellbeing. Discover all their events by clicking here.

Mind It at Inspired Medics - From Stressful to Mindful

  • And on a lighter note, we absolutely loved the last creation from Phoenix Dance Theater Company: ‘Windrush: Movement of the People’. The show tells the story of the Caribbean community who arrived in England 70 years ago, and the racism and exclusion they faced even though they had been called to come. This contemporary dance piece, played at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds and touring in England in the coming months, is light and deep, full of joy and anger, overall showing the resilience of a community who is fully part of Leeds city now. If you get a chance, rush to see it!

Windrush Phoenix Dance Theater

Would you have anything to recommend to us? What shall we try in Leeds this month? Contact us now to share your ideas 😊


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