Cause of the Month – December 2017 – GIVE!

Here we are, we are continuing our ‘Cause of the Month’ scheme. We started in November with Movember in Leeds and gave you tips on how to get involved. We love launching new things at the end of the year – we just launched our ‘We loved this past month…’ wellbeing article series in December - why waiting for January for good resolutions? We like to keep ahead of things!

Why selecting a cause of the month? Selecting a cause of the month is for us a good way to keep focusing on what’s important in the season we are in, as well as to inspire you to try new things or new ways of doing things!

This month’s cause is ‘GIVE’!

Christmas season is a good opportunity for each and everyone of us to be solidary, to help others, to give to others. Giving does not always mean money. You can give things, you can give time, you can give smiles!

This month, we want to inspire you to give with a few initiatives we have selected in Leeds and Yorkshire. Here is our selection:

  • Ison Harrison team up with Radio Aire for their Mission Christmas 2017 supporting the Cash for Kids: you just need to buy an extra gift when you are doing your Christmas shopping in Leeds, and leave it at a drop off point. The gift would go to children in needs, and the goal is to ensure that every child in Leeds and Yorkshire wakes up on Christmas day with a gift to unwrap! >> To find the drop-off points, look here:

  • Save the Children organises this year again their (now famous) Christmas jumpers day! This year, it will take place on the 15th of December: gather a team, raise some funds and wear your Christmas jumper!

>> Here is the link to know more:

  • Project Hope in Leeds provides Christmas hampers to the community! The charity helps people in need to learn and grow in life skills such as: parenting, finance management, cooking, job hunting, entrepreneurship and

>> Here is how to get involved:

  • And on the longer run, we would like to introduce you to time banks! Time banks are a way of sharing your skills and using them to help others. You speak French? Let’s give some French lessons in Leeds area! In return, you might need some painting skills for your kitchen. Someone from the Time Bank Community in Leeds would have these skills and help you out. You gain ‘time credit’ every time you give your time, and ‘time debit’ every time you benefit from someone else’s time. Like a bank really. It is a great opportunity to share your skills, learn new skills, meet new people, and build a stronger community!

Without ‘trading’ your time, a good way of giving is to give time! It is free but it is the most precious thing you can give! Many charities are looking for volunteers all year long. Have a look at Local Giving, or find what you enjoy doing and look for charities in this field! Is it one of your good resolution for the new year ahead? Why not starting now?

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