Our Leeds Business Week - Wow!

Leeds Business Week 2017, organised by The Yorkshire Mafia, has been a very intense and rich one! So many workshops, sessions, conferences, exhibitions and events happening around Leeds, it has been quite difficult for us to choose. Here is a little summary of our Leeds Business Week at Mind It, what we experienced and enjoyed the most:

  • We ran our new workshop ‘From A.R.S.E. to A.C.E.’ (twice!) along with A Space For and PATH Yorkshire. We focused on ‘From A.R.S.E.’ and helped participants to move from being an Annoyed, Reactive, Stressed and Exhausted Manager. We used meditation and time management tools to get everyone to think about their time and make decisions as for their own Leeds Business Week’s time management! If you missed the session, you can check out the slides, workbook and audio here. << Everyone left with a A.C.E. badge, and here is what McComms’ team badge has become!

The second part of ‘From A.R.S.E. to A.C.E.’ will happen during Leeds Wellbeing Week, and focus on ‘to A.C.E.’ to become more Attentive, Calm and Effective, not just in ourselves but in teams and in relationships. You can register here directly.

  • We ran ‘From Stressful to Mindful’ at Workspace Hub for the first time, with very positive feedback! Our focus was on tips to avoid the entrepreneurial burnout. We covered sleep, exercise and time priorities (among other topics). The last activity was for everyone to create his ideal week schedule, planning work time, social time and selfish time

  • We learnt how to go 'from Zero to fully booked' with Steve Morris' 9 tips and strategies. Very challenging and inspiring session to take your business one step further.

  • We attended inspiring sessions at Aspire, including ‘How to see a return on your CSR investment’ by ABS Print. ABS Print implemented a virtuous profit cycle of CSR investment by relying on the 3 interdependent pillars of a successful CSR strategy: business, community and stakeholders (including staff, partners and customers). Inspiring!

We learnt a lot at ‘How to manage sickness absence’ by Mint HR too! Especially on how to monitor and record absence, and look for the signs. Top tip we keep in mind now: just talk! Hold a return to work interview to have this potentially difficult conversation, ask questions, and make sure your staff is well.

  • We networked with a twist with Team Activ, experiencing team building activities and networking at the same time. Lots of fun, light and impactful, such a great session!

  • We networked with some moves with Sashay Dance: we learnt some chachacha moves, and then danced while networking with people, that was great too!

  • We networked with a stunning view at Platform during the Lightstart’ Short Stories event. A very nice event format: 10mins random stories by entrepreneurs, lovely food and very interesting crowd. We are looking forward for the next!

Lightstart’s next free event happens during Leeds Wellbeing Week: Leeds Digital Coffee Morning, Wellness Special! It is usually very fun and insightful! You can register here.

  • We finally relaxed and treated ourselves with a lovely well-deserved cheese omelette at Le Chalet, before enjoying the sun and having some rest!

Now we are all back on track, fully recovered and ready for the next networking events, here is one you might enjoy coming along: Find Happiness in your Workplace, 2/11/17, 5-8pm, 5 Wellington Place. Network with a twist: add some Wellness to it! Register here.

Be well.

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