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Upcoming Leeds Wellbeing Week – What to expect?

Leeds Wellbeing Week has originally been created to bring together the wellbeing and corporate worlds around a series of events in Leeds. The first edition (April 2017) took place in 4 different workplaces in Leeds City Centre, where employees enjoyed wellbeing sessions: meditation, yoga, massage and relaxation. For the second edition (November 2017), the festival focused on public events, and has turned into a great success with (to name but a few) the after-work event Find Happiness in Your Workplace at Wellington Place, the first (!) Leeds Mindathlon at University of Leeds, and many events all around Leeds: yoga classes, introduction to climbing, personal development sessions…


Have some insights on the last edition in this short video:


For this third edition (March 2018), you’ll be able to attend the events you might have missed in November (or re-attend if you joined!):

Leeds Wellbeing Week 3rd edition March 2018

And to discover many other wellbeing events all around the city of Leeds


And so many other workshops and sessions in Leeds and around! Have a look at Leeds Wellbeing Week’s website for the update!

We’re very excited to take part! If you want to know more, take part, contact them… just write to them directly by clicking here!


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