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Trying New Things: Boost Your Confidence and Break out your Comfort Zone

Doing some mindfulness workplace research? We’ve got you.

Mindfulness, Wellbeing Workshops, Wellbeing Webinars, Wellbeing Consultancy, Wellbeing at Work, Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Trying new things builds confidence and self-esteem

The importance of routine can never be understated. Structure is key to resilience and wellbeing training that boosts mindfulness in the workplace… But it can quickly become dull and repetitive. Is your comfort zone so small, you’ve got yourself stuck? Shake off the cobwebs and advance your growth mindset by trying something new!

“Try new things and discover yourself every single day.” Bhavya Choudhary

Why try something new?

If creating good habits and optimising daily schedules is so important, why fix what isn’t broken? It all leads back to self-assurance, boundaries, and mindfulness. After all, the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace are endless.

Sure, your daily alarm, perfected morning routine, direct commuter route, and regular meal planning provide stability vital to success in your personal and professional life. It can also drag, becoming mind-numbing and boring. If you aren’t switching things up regularly, your good habits turn into shackles that limit your potential for dynamic growth.

When was the last time you tried something new? Trying something new can…

  • Boost your self-esteem

  • Boost your productivity

  • Build your self-confidence

  • Clear brain fog

  • Restore clarity

  • Refresh and revitalise your wellbeing

  • Strengthen your mental barriers

  • Encourage boundary setting

  • Facilitate personal and professional growth

  • Lead to exciting new life and career paths

  • Be fun!

These are great benefits for teams and management alike for promoting overall wellbeing. So let’s take a look at some staff wellbeing ideas...

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Comfort zones breed familiarity. It’s understandable - who doesn’t love the cosy, warm embrace of our carefully crafted safe haven? The predictable patterns we become fast accustomed to and hesitant to stray from. Only issue is - we aren’t robots! Monotony wears us down and dampens our potential.

Want some mindfulness examples? Here are some great ways to step outside your comfort zone (and into your stretch zone):

  • Cook/get a meal you’ve not eaten before - take a pause from the meal-prepping and treat your tastebuds to new breakfast, lunch, or dinner flavours;

  • Try a new outfit or hairstyle;

  • Do an activity solo - such as going to dinner, the cinema, or theatre. A great way to feel comfortable in your own skin - plus, you get to set the pace;

  • Plan an adventure - shake up the destination holiday by planning an alternative outdoor activity, such as camping, rock climbing, or surfing!

  • Read a book - when was the last time you unplugged? It can do wonders to refresh your mental faculties. For more ideas, see our blog on disconnecting

  • Take a weekend trip - sure, you could sit indoors all weekend watching TV… Or you could do it in a city you’ve never visited before (or even better, play tourist for a bit);

  • Take a different route home - get your brain going and take the road less traveled by;

  • Have a conversation with someone new (or an old friend) - expand your social circle!

  • Do a creative task - paint, draw, colour, or craft;

  • Mix up your music and find new genres;

  • Walk or cycle to work;

  • Find a new coffee shop - bonus points if you try a new drink too!

  • Volunteer to help a local charity or your community...

Try inputting some of these into your life or staff wellbeing policy to shake up the week, and watch as the mental and physical benefits of this health and wellbeing training shine through!

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” -Neale Donald Walsch

Boost Your Self-Esteem & Confidence

As you move out of your comfort zone, you move into the stretch zone. The stretch zone sees a rush of motivation and enthusiasm, pushing your mental health and wellbeing training to their limits as you excel in areas your comfort zone could never reach.

Taking that leap of faith and moving into the stretch zone can be scary… but it’s the thing that actualises the tangible benefits of mindfulness at work and allows you to adopt a growth mindset, something that pulls your self-assurance up to new heights!

What is mindfulness, anyway? A big, sweeping declaration to become the embodiment of spontaneity? To totally throw caution to the wind and embrace a life of spur-of-the-moment impulsivity? Sounds overwhelming because it is overwhelming. Don’t worry, it’s less rash action, more steady steps forward.

Don’t just take our word for it! As Chris shared as part of our Leeds Wellbeing Week 2022's campaign, he is not (that) confident with swimming, and yet he shows up and does it consistently 'for the challenge'. Sometimes we remain in our comfort zone, surrounded by activities, places and people who are familiar and predictable, and it is ok to do so! But variety is the spice of life, and we need to sprinkle some sizzle to stop our path being too plain and slow-paced.

It doesn't have to be huge, and it doesn't have to be a year-long commitment. If you’re still thinking about wellbeing ideas for staff or yourself, remember: starting small and just once is the way, and then build incremental steps, if we want to. 'Go big or go home' is not our mindset, 'start small and see how it feels' would be more accurate!

Mindfulness, Wellbeing Workshops, Wellbeing Webinars, Wellbeing Consultancy, Wellbeing at Work, Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Boost your self-assurance through the Stretch Zone

Now that you’re ready to try something new, here are some mindfulness and wellbeing courses perfect to propel you into the stretch zone.

Build your Self Confidence with Mind It’s super-charged online webinar or public speaking gig teaching you about self-confidence. Learn the science behind your convictions and the mental barriers involving self-constructed beliefs. Take away tips and techniques ideal for your new-found growth mindset.

Boost your Self Esteem with Mind It’s workshop or webinar, and learn how to live an optimal fulfilled life through self-assessment activities, setting a SMART goal, and balancing that inner innate quality that is stored and manifested to the outside world.

These health and wellbeing courses online, or in-person, are great for improving the productivity and wellbeing of corporate teams.

To enquire, or for any further help, please get in touch with us at

Go on… try something new, today!


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