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Valentine’s Day at Work

Valentine's day is coming... right, another commercial event, true, but let's see the positive side of it: it reminds us that LOVE is at the centre of our lives! Love what you do, love who you do it with, and share the love. This is our Happiness Recipe!

And to help you to create a loving environment in your workplace, we selected a few workshops for you that would foster self-love and team-love

  • Let’s start with self-love: Our gratitude workshop would enable you to actively reflect on daily things, to feel wonder, joy, love, hope, and to boost your long-term mood! By exploring gratitude practices in a safe space you will understand how it can improve your wellbeing and how you can continue these practices at home.

  • Let’s continue with team-love: Empathic listening is an active process of listening to the other. You will step into the shoes of another’s communication and understand their point of view without forgetting this communication comes from them. Our workshop will bring your team together in experiencing being listened to and listening to each other empathically and share these experiences in considering the benefits of empathic listening for their work together!

  • Let’s finish with the World’s love: The Out in the Woods team-building session is an awesome woodland team away days based on mindfulness, bushcraft and ecotherapy. Join us for a unique day that will help you to connect with each other, building your confidence, resilience and communication skills along the way, and enjoy being surrounded by nature!

We’d love to get you going, don’t hesitate to contact us for any question or inquiry.

With love,

Mind It


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