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What to do in your workplace on World Mental Health Day?

You want to start the Wellbeing Journey in your organisation but you don’t know where and how to start? No panic, it's common! We are aware that this wellbeing challenge often comes on top of your workload and sometimes increases your level of stress – which defeats the purpose, right?

You know you might do something for World Mental Health Day coming soon (10th of October 2017, organised by the World Health Organisation) but your week does seem crazily packed and you don’t see this happening?

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At Mind It, as we want to make corporate wellbeing easy, we selected for you 5 actions you could implement on World Mental Health Day to promote health and wellbeing in your workplace:

  1. Ask your team ‘Are you ok?’. We mean ‘really’ ask them, maybe over a nice lunch around lunchtime? The Australian foundation R U OK?, focusing on suicidal prevention through conversations (‘A conversation could change a life’) offers a lot of resources on its website to get you going, from tips to ask ‘Are you ok?’ (in 4 steps) to event packages.

  2. Organise a Walking group: Two of the 5 ways of wellbeing are ‘Exercise’ and ‘Connect’. With a walking group on World Mental Health Day, you would focus on both at the same time: stretch your legs over lunchtime and connect with your team! It would get you going for the rest of the days and strengthen the relationships within your team!

  3. Get involved in the ‘Tea & Talk’ of the Mental Health Foundation! There is nothing simpler: put the kettle on, gather your team, have a chat above a cup of tea, and fundraise towards mental health research and improvement worldwide. Mental Health Foundation’s website offers a lot of resources to get you started: free pack to promote your ‘Tea & Talk’, bunting, quizzes…

  4. Organise a Stress Management workshop in your workplace: Work-related stress has a huge impact on our own mental wellbeing, and can sometimes tragically lead to burn-out. Recognizing stress and learning how to maintain your inner strength under pressure would help you and your team a long way!

  5. Get a half or full away day with all your team, maybe out in the woods? Being in nature fosters creativity, relaxation and has been scientifically proven to reduce stress. A great way to connect with each other and with nature, to communicate in a different environment, to take notice and to be active!

We have your back and provide you with easy solutions to promote wellbeing in your organisation and raise awareness around mental health and physical health.

As World Mental Health Day is coming soon and time is scarce, we’d be happy to help! Contact us:


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