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Our selection of workshops for World Mental Health Day 2018

The World Health Organisation predicts that Mental Health will be the biggest issue in the workplace by 2030. It is time to take action, now, to prevent this from happening. But how?

World Mental Health Day 2018, (c) Who Is Limos via Unsplash, Mind It Ltd, Wellbeing workshops, wellbeing webinars, wellbeing training, wellbeing consultancy, Leeds, England

At Mind It, we focus on supporting the Health and Wellbeing journey within your organisation. We gather the best resources and experts in Leeds and Yorkshire for you to get the best service and build an impactful Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

Last year for World Mental Health Day 2017, we offered a set of ideas to you, that you could try out in your workplace. This year, we decided to focus on Health. In this article, we share with you our carefully selected Physical and Mental Health workshops you might want to experience in October in Leeds and Yorkshire.

The main goals you might want to achieve in your workplace are:

  • Building a ‘safe workplace’ where employees feel ok to talk

  • Making sure that these employees know who they can turn to if they need to talk

  • Training these ‘key people’ so that they know how to support people in need

  • Training the Managers to start and have conversations with their team members if they spot the signs of Mental Health issues

Here are our workshops’ suggestions to achieve them:

  • Health Checks: Body and Mind work alongside each other, and mental health issues often trigger physical pain (back pain, headaches, digestive issues…). One first step to make sure your employees are physically well could be to offer 20-mins Health Checks. Health checks are short appointments covering and checking the main components of health. Employees would get their personal report and get advice on any follow-up actions they may need to take to improve their overall health.

  • Normalising Mental Health: Sadly, there is still a very big stigma around Mental Health in general, and in the workplace in particular. Our goal at Mind It UK is to build ‘safe workplaces’ in Leeds and Yorkshire, workplaces where employees feel ok to talk and open up if they need to. Normalising Mental Health is key to achieve this: Make sure your teams know that it’s ok to talk! This half day course provides Managers & Employees with a greater knowledge and understanding of the common classifications of Mental Health, how to spot the signs, how to provide support and strategies to make improvements.

  • Mental Health Awareness for Managers: With research showing that there are 1 in 6 people at work with mental health issues, there is more need than ever for organisations to create a culture of openness and support. Organisations often overlook the fact that they can be part of the solution for someone to overcome mental health issues. Starting up a conversation can be challenging, and we want to equip you and train you to feel confident doing so! This workshop will give managers the confidence and skills to conduct sensitive and supportive conversations with employees around mental health.

  • Mental Health First Aid Training: Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) goes one step further than the previous workshop: MHFA courses train people to spot the symptoms of mental health issues, offer initial help and guide a person towards support. The main focus of this course is put on listening carefully, reassuring and responding safely to a potential mental health crisis. MHFA has a range of training options designed for the workplace, which our certified experts would be happy to provide in Leeds and Yorkshire.

  • Mental Health Champions in the workplace: Once your managers and key people are trained to spot the signs and have a conversation, you might want to make sure that all the employees know they can turn to these people if they need to. The Mental Health Champions programme gives an overview of Mental Health within the workplace and provides educational and beneficial training for anyone wanting to know and understand more about Mental Health, from how to support colleagues and become a Mental Health champion to making a real difference to your colleagues' wellbeing and being a mindful employer.

All these Mental Health Workshops can be implemented in your workplace in Leeds and Yorkshire, depending on where your organisation currently is on its Health and Wellbeing Journey. Get in touch if you want to know more:

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