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We organise Health and Wellbeing Days, more than just 'Away Days'

We design, organise and implement bespoke Health and Wellbeing Away Days, just for you and your team

Looking for an Away Day with a Health and Wellbeing twist? We are here for you! We have a strong network of health and wellbeing experts in Leeds, Yorkshire and beond. We all join forces to create a bespoke Health and Wellbeing experience for you and your team. Our bespoke Away Days are ideal to bring team members together and give them the opportunity to bond, share and create memories!

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Snapshot on the last editions


Case Study: Reset Days
with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Since Summer 2021, we have been designing, organising and implementing a series of Health and Wellbeing Away Days, called 'Reset Days', for frontline workers at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Our main objective: To give team members the time and space to reflect on and digest what they have been through since the start of the Covid pandemic. 

 We designed an impactful and uplifting Health and Wellbeing Experience
while creating a safe and supportive environment,
and it worked! 

  • 98% of respondents would recommend the experience

  • Average Overall Day experience score: 8.8 /10

  • Wellness scores increased for all events, averaging a 31% increase on the day

Attendees said

“Was reluctant to attend, felt it would not be beneficial, but was completely the opposite”

“Fantastic day - so well run, couldn't think of a better way to 'reset'. Thank you so much”

“This has been such a good day. I felt apprehensive prior to today but wish I could do it all again tomorrow! Thank you”

“Thank you!! It has been a wonderful day I didn't realise I needed. Simon, Suzie and Lucile made it amazing. Really put in work and care”

“The day had the right of meaningful activity to help wellbeing without being forceful or putting pressure on to engage in it.”

“Great day and especially thoughtful of personal views and options for people who felt overwhelmed were not forced in to anything uncomfortable. Felt valued and
relaxed and staff were so helpful and went the extra mile.”

“I really enjoyed the day for someone who's always 'wired' it felt great to stop and take a breath. Your team showed me that looking after me is ok. Thanks heaps”

Clients said

"When we embarked on finding a company to deliver Reset days for our staff in Adult Critical Care we went through a rigorous shortlisting process. We could not be happier with the service that Simon and Lucile have provided us with.

From the outset, it was clear that they are passionate about people and health and well being and they put people at the centre of their vision for us. Over a period of around 6 months, we were able to curate a day that they delivered 17 times to over 400 of our staff. We met regularly in the run-up to delivering the days and Lucile and Simon listen to our needs and planned activities for us that were just perfect.

Delivering something of this scale was daunting for us but we really felt in very good hands from Simon and Lucile. The feedback from the days from our staff has been overwhelmingly positive. I would highly recommend them to deliver well being events for your teams."

_Catherine Balcombe,
Lead Quality Nurse, Adult Critical Care, The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

"It was an epic and joyful journey with you all! The rewards from a managerial perspective have been amazing. It’s incredible to see how these reset days have brought our teams back together after such a challenging 2 years. Anyone reading this who is looking to bond your teams, show them that you value them and create great energy should just reach out to Simon and the team. They are awesome!”
_Helen Odedra,

Matron for Surgical Pre-Assessment, Theatre & Anaesthetics, The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

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