A 4 week course designed for maximum impact. Covering one topic each session this course builds your team a mindset toolkit they can implement both at work and at home.


1 hour a week over 4 weeks.


Topics covered 

The four sessions cover the following topics

  • Sleep: The first session will focus on sleep, we all know getting a good night's sleep is an important part of our wellbeing but why is it so hard? We'll look at the brain's sleep process and design individual action plans to tackle the frustrations to improve our experiences of sleep.

  • Stress Management: Next we'll focus on Stress Management looking at the 42 signs of stress and completing an activity designed to reduce mental pressure of each delegate by 70%.

  • Resilience: The third session focuses on resilience and our ability to feel strong even when things change and feel safe whilst stepping outside our comfort zones.

  • Mindfulness: Our final session helps delegates to let go of worries of the future or pressures from the past and focus on the present. This simple technique has been shown to have a positive impact on the autonomic nervous system helping boost our feelings of both mental and physical wellbeing


Details 60min per week over 4 weeks | £90 per person | Min 10 - Max 20 attendees | On-site OR Online | Pen, paper and projector required

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