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To get your people and your organisation to thrive. 


At Mind It Ltd, we design tailor-made wellbeing programs, in line with the needs, challenges and vision of our clients, and we implement these programs via our strong network of wellbeing experts.

They trust us

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Working with Mind It has been a pleasure! They are very approachable, helpful and friendly. The wellbeing experts are very knowledgeable in their field and our staff thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 


Excellent company with professional people, this only enhances our Wellbeing Programme on property!


The wellbeing programme created and curated by Mind It has being going well. The colleagues that have taken part have all found the sessions really beneficial and have appreciated the support during a difficult year.

_University of London

When we embarked on finding a company to deliver Reset days for our staff in Adult Critical Care we went through a rigorous shortlisting process. We could not be happier with the service that Simon and Lucile have provided us with.

From the outset, it was clear that they are passionate about people and health and well being and they put people at the centre of their vision for us. Over a period of around 6 months, we were able to curate a day that they delivered 17 times to over 400 of our staff. We met regularly in the run-up to delivering the days and Lucile and Simon listen to our needs and planned activities for us that were just perfect.

Delivering something of this scale was daunting for us but we really felt in very good hands from Simon and Lucile. The feedback from the days from our staff has been overwhelmingly positive. I would highly recommend them to deliver wellbeing events for your teams."

_Lead Quality Nurse, Adult Critical Care, The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

They work with Mind It (alongside many skilled experts!)

Zoe, Wellbeing Expert, Mind It Ltd, Wellbeing at Work, Wellbeing workshops, wellbeing webinars, wellbeing training, wellbeing consultancy, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Zoe has been a Mindset Specialist since 2011, combining her knowledge of a number of mind-body approaches to help individuals and companies to improve levels of productivity, creativity and mental health. She specialises in providing Anxiety Treatments, Stress Solutions and TMS (Chronic Pain) Therapy and believes that you were given a wonderfully powerful mind and then never taught how to use it. Zoe is passionate about teaching you how to get the best from your brain, rather than the worst.

Simon, Wellbeing Expert, Mind It Ltd, Wellbeing at Work, Wellbeing workshops, wellbeing webinars, wellbeing training, wellbeing consultancy, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

From the buzz of successfully recruiting, leading and growing his people in the retail sector, Simon discovered his passion for training and continued to shape and deliver game-changing Learning & Development programmes. Simon’s qualifications cover Learning & Development, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Stress Management, Mental Health First Aid, Coaching, Lumina Practitioner, Heartstyles Practitioner, British Cycling Ride Leader & First Aid. DBS Checked.

Sam, Wellbeing Expert, Mind It Ltd, Wellbeing at Work, Wellbeing workshops, wellbeing webinars, wellbeing training, wellbeing consultancy, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Sam is expert in mental health training and financial wellbeing - and they work hand in hand! Sam helps people get out of debt and understand how money works so they stay out of debt, achieve their goals and have a good quality of life in the future. As a Mental Health Coach, Sam teaches people how to recognise the symptoms of mental health problems, how to provide initial help and how to guide a person towards appropriate professional help. Sam will not teach you how to be a therapist, but you will be able to say you are trained in Mental Health First Aid .

Mind It's story

Welcome to Mind It Ltd’s website!


I am Lucile, French happiness buff and founder of Mind It Ltd and Leeds Wellbeing Week.

After having lived a crazily busy Parisian life for a number of years, arriving in Leeds, Yorkshire, with few social connections and few things to fill my calendar was a shock: I had time to THINK!

I then realised several things:

- How much my (rewarding but demanding) job had taken up my time and energy in the past few years – and how negative I had become towards it;

- That most of us happen to be in that situation – Who has never complained about going to work on Monday morning and suffered from the ‘Sunday blues’?;

- And this, no matter where we live and the industry we work for.

I decided to use my entrepreneurial skills to address this situation, and ‘MAKE EMPLOYEES HAPPY AGAIN’! Yes, but how? 

In order to turn my vision into action, I met many wellbeing experts and employers, and the observations were eye-opening:

- Companies are often aware that they need to invest in their employees’ wellbeing, but lack the time – a Health and Wellbeing board has sometimes been appointed, and the persons in charge accept this responsibility on top of an already heavy workload, and often don’t know where to start and how*

- Wellbeing experts are aware that their expertise can be highly valuable to corporate organisations, but they lack time as well: their main job is to focus on their expertise, right?*

- And last but not least, these two sets of people (wellbeing and corporate) hardly interact with each other.

Bearing these observations in mind, Mind It Ltd was created to MAKE WELLBEING EASY and help corporate organisations take care of their staff in efficient and impactful ways.

Mind It Ltd has been created to:

- design bespoke Wellbeing Programs with its corporate clients for their team members, according to their current needs, challenges and vision for the future. 

- and find the best experts in Leeds and Yorkshire to provide dedicated workshops, webinars and training sessions (yoga, stress-relief, Pilates, massage, mental health awareness,...)

To you, Corporate Organisations: Mind It Ltd helps you make your staff healthier, happier, and consequently more productive. Our goal is to give you the tools to get your people and your organisation to thrive! 

To you, Corporate Organisations as well as Wellbeing Experts: Mind It Ltd saves you time, energy, and money!

*NB: these are general statements of course! Some companies have very impactful wellbeing programs, and some experts are great sales people!

Lucile Allen-Paisant, Wellbeing Expert, Mind It Ltd, Wellbeing at Work, Wellbeing workshops, wellbeing webinars, wellbeing training, wellbeing consultancy, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

_Lucile Allen-Paisant - Director

What is wellbeing?

Mind It's name story

MINDfulness. MIND blowing. MIND… When looking for a name that would include all the areas our company covers, the word ‘Mind’ kept cropping up in any brainstorming session!

My French mind makes me do ‘unexpected’ connections with English words sometimes . And so it happened in the Parisian metro during a trip back to Paris, at the 'Arts et Metiers’ metro station to be precise: ‘MIND the gap, between the train and the platform’. Yes, there we go!

‘Mind’ as a noun: ‘the part of a person that makes it possible for them to think, feel emotions, and understand things’ (Source: Cambridge Dictionary)

And ‘Mind’ as a verb: ‘to be careful of, or give attention to something’ (Source: Cambridge Dictionary)

‘Mind your Mind’ became ‘Mind It’ Ltd, as we all need to pay attention to our minds as well as our wellbeing needs, our professional life as well as personal life, our own health as well as our colleagues’ health, our team as well as our bosses.

'Mind It' is not a warning. 'Mind It' is an invitation to pay attention and to take notice. 

Mind It is a set of tools that companies can use to look after their employees with guaranteed peace of mind. As simple as this. Mind-blowing, isn’t it?