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5 ways to remain well during Leeds Business Week

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Leeds Business Week is starting today and is going to be a BUSY one! More than 100 events will take place across the city in… just 5 days! It is a great opportunity to do business, interact and meet like-minded people in Leeds, true. BUT, may you be a manager or an entrepreneur, in any type of industry, please make sure you keep some room for yourself during this BUSY-TO-BE Leeds Business Week!

"Don’t let your busy-ness take over your well-ness!"

At Mind It, we want to make sure that your busy-ness for the business will not take over your own wellness. We listed here some quick-wins for you to make sure you remain well during Leeds Business Week. Ready? Let’s have a look:

  1. Get enough sleep: make sure you get a fair amount of sleep! According to the Great British sleep survey, poor sleepers are 7 times more likely to feel helpless and 5 times more likely to feel alone. It does not help business, does it? So please go to bed early every night, you’ll see the massive impact it has on your productivity and wellness!

  2. Drink a lot of water: The Big Drinks Evening on Thursday sounds appealing, indeed. Just make sure you drink plenty of water to hydrate your brain and body. The Eat Well Guide from the NHS recommends 6 to 8 glasses a day.

  3. Eat healthily: Breakfast for Social Media on Toast on Monday, WNY Chamber Women in Business Lunch on Tuesday… it looks like sausage rolls and ham and cheese sandwiches will be all over the place all the way! For you to keep energy through the day (and the week!), we’d recommend to get a healthy shake in the morning to give you a great energy boost and keep you up all morning long - we love the Green Summer Smoothie from Naama Wellness - and to pack some fruits and nuts for the afternoon’s craving!

  4. Try out a 10 minutes routine in the morning: Morning is the best time of the day to plan some self-care. Don’t you have 10 minutes? You most likely do! Try something new this week, get up 15 minutes earlier (if you went to bed early and got enough sleep, it should be easy) and commit to a new routine: Yoga sessions in your living room – we recommend the YouTube channel of Lucyoga and especially the Dru Yoga Activations Video – or short walks around your neighbourhood are enough, no need to push yourself too hard!

  5. Have a break: your brain will need to slow down and your body to sit down! Why not having a break in a nice spot in Leeds City Centre? Two of our favourites are Le Chalet for the lunch deal and Laynes Espresso for the coffee! Both are independent and very close to Leeds Train Station!

Leeds Business Week 2017 - Mind It Ltd, Wellbeing workshops, wellbeing webinars, wellbeing training, wellbeing consultancy, Leeds, England

We hope this list will help you to kickstart and make the most of Leeds Business Week, while taking care of yourself! Don’t let your busy-ness take over your well-ness!


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