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Our selection of cafes to work in Leeds

Walking and working around in Leeds makes it complicated sometimes to find the right place to work from. We are always looking for a place where we can (pick one pf the three):

  • Give a phone call (without a too noisy background)

  • Have a professional meeting with a potential customer

  • Get inspiration to work on long term plans

Cafes in Leeds Work

We tried many cafes and restaurants, and now have our favourite ones we would like to share with you (with our favourite order in each one of them). Here you go:

  • Laynes Espresso (16 New Station St, Leeds LS1 5DL): Close to Leeds Train Station, this trendy independent café is ideal for an informal meeting with a potential partner or for inspiration. They now have a spacious room downstairs where you can sit all afternoon working on your projects! > Our must-try: their Mocha!

  • Le Chalet (31-32 Park Row, Leeds LS1 5JD): Usually quiet during the week (and very busy with afternoon teas over the weekend), this central tea room is ideal for professional meetings and phone calls, as well as lunch with partners or friends during the week – they have a great lunch deal with a free hot drink for any meal purchased! > Our must-try: their French Toasts with bacon!

  • 200 degrees (31 Bond St, Leeds LS1 5BQ): This spacious café is ideal for working on long-term projects on your own. Grab a sit overlooking the street, and you’ll get much inspiration while people-watching and enjoying a heart-warming coffee. > Our must-try: their brownies!

  • Le Pain Quotidien (Leeds Victoria Gate Arcade, Harewood St, Leeds LS2 7AR): In the Victoria Quarter, on top of their bakery, is a spacious café and restaurant with relaxing classical music. It is ideal for some business meetings and phone calls during the week! > Our must-try: their soups, served with organic bread and butter!

  • Bowery Visual Arts (54 Otley Rd, Leeds LS6 2AL): If you are not in Leeds City Centre and end up toward Headingley, we highly recommend you stop at The Bowery. A great welcoming atmosphere, were you’d always find somewhere to sit and something to watch (crafts and pieces from local artists, inspiring books…). It’s the ideal location for some ground work! And they regularly run workshops upstairs for kids as well as adults, make sure you have a look at the program! > Our must-try: the lunch plate with falafels, hummus and salads!

We’re often working around in Leeds City Centre and Headingley, would you have cafes to recommend? We’d love to try new places! Contact us now 😊


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