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The benefits of Dance at work

Discover the benefits of Dance for those working 9-5 behind a desk and how you can get your office grooving and moving!

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Speaking as someone who has the best of both worlds, spending half of my time behind the computer on reception at The Dance Studio Leeds and the other half teaching dance, I can not recommend enough the benefits of a good dance lesson for anyone who spends most of their day sitting at a desk!

With many people in the UK, working 9-5 in an office workplace, where the majority of their day is spent behind a computer screen or sat in a chair, it can be very hard to find time to fit in other activities like dancing, especially after such long days at work. However, even just half an hour of physical activity, especially dance, on an evening or morning can be so beneficial in many ways.

Here are some benefits of Dance for those who work office jobs:

  • Enhances Health - A very obvious one, but yes dancing can have a huge impact on your health. Taking part in dance classes and activities can help you keep fit, gain more energy, burn fat, reduce risk of things such as heart disease, strokes and diabetes, as well as lowering the risk of an early death.

  • Reduces stress - As we all know, any job whether in an office setting or not can be stressful at times. So what better stress relief is there than sweating it out to some good music!

  • Increases Confidence - You may not realise but for some people dancing in front of people even in a class setting can be one of the most terrifying things, therefore through taking regular dance classes this can increase your confidence, which could also be beneficial within the workplace, for things such as meetings, presentations and anything that may include public speaking.

  • Increases Brain Power - Who wouldn’t want their employees to have increased brainpower? Researchers have discovered that workouts such as dance classes help produce specific chemicals that the brain requires to perform certain functions, which include multitasking, memory and problem-solving. What more could you want in an employee?

  • Enables Team Building - When taking dance classes you are always going to meet new people, and depending on the class you may sometimes have to work with other people, whether this is partner-style dance such as salsa, or a creative workshop. This is the perfect team-building activity, helping each other to perfect new movements, or even by creating your own.

  • Makes you Happier - Again another fairly obvious one, but I think it would be very difficult to find someone who doesn’t feel happier after a good dance class, with dance having a big impact on our own wellbeing. With so many different styles to choose from, there’s sure to be a style that everyone will enjoy. And even if you and your friends have two left feet, you are sure to have a good laugh!

And one last one... all of the benefits above will overall lead to better performance and engagement at work, which benefits employees, as well as the company, business and other members of staff, therefore this is definitely something that should be encouraged within the workplace! Would you like some Dance Fitness at work? Or to re-enact your favourite dance? Get in touch with Mind It to know how!


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