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Wellbeing for Team Building

Team Building - Wellbeing - Leeds Yorkshire - Credit Rawpixel

Team building is not just spending money out to make your teams happy once a year. It is a real investment. And who says investment means return on investment.

Team building sessions indeed help develop employees’ engagement. According to OfficeVibe, a company providing employees’ survey tools, companies with engaged employees make 2.5x more in revenue, and highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their company. So not only would you boost the bottom line, but also lower employees’ turn-over!

Now, how do you make sure your team-building strategy enhances employees’ engagement and generates a return on investment? Here are the key success factors of good team-building events:

  • Spend time together as a team outside of meetings: no need to organise something extreme, team-building can start with a weekly tea break in the office. You need to create opportunities for your teams to interact in meaningful ways.

  • Share an experience or learn something new: Learning is one of the 5 ways of wellbeing according to the charity ‘Action for Happiness’. A team-building event can enable your team to learn a new skill together, and remember it for a long time, might it be a new dance move or painting skills.

  • Work towards a common goal: as your teams daily work towards business goals, getting them to work towards a common goal in a fun environment will enable team members to know each other better and create stronger relationships.

  • Don’t force team-building: Team-building sessions must be relaxed, chilled and fun. It should not be work away from the desk, but the opportunity for all the team members to properly meet each other, as human beings more than with their ‘employee’ hat.

Team Building Wellbeing - Leeds Yorkshire - Credit Priscilla Du Preez

And which option to select with all the team-building options available? We have selected a few options for you in Leeds and Yorkshire, based on two criteria: the location (in your workplace or out) and the style (fun/active/mindful/muddy). Have a look below:

  • Fun and in your workplace: Mobile Escape Game: Two teams race against each other to solve puzzles and obtain codes in order to unlock the box and win the game. This is an excellent team building and communication skills opportunity, as well as a lot of fun. Each team would work towards the same goal: win against the other ones!

  • Active and in your workplace: Play Workout: In this Play Workout, there are no personal bests, no dumb bells, and definitely no lycra. Games are short and snappy with a high risk of laughter. You'll be standing up, sitting down, running around, being loud, being quiet, using our bodies, using our instincts, even rediscovering talents we'd forgotten we had. Teams would spend quality time together, exercising and re-learning how to play, something we have often forgotten as adults!

  • Mindful and in nature: Out in the Woods: Awesome woodland team away-days based on mindfulness, bushcraft and ecotherapy. It is a unique day that will help you to connect with each other, building your confidence, resilience and communication skills along the way. Being in nature also fosters creativity, relaxation and has been scientifically proven to reduce stress.

  • Muddy and outside: Total Warrior Race: Total Warrior are professionally delivered, obstacle course events, delivered in stunning venues across the country. In 2017, they welcomed 20,000 Warriors to their courses, taking in the best of local terrain alongside 25 built obstacles, encompassing fire, ice, climbs, slides, water crossing and a ton of mud! We have 3 free tickets for you for the Leeds Total Warrior Experience on 23-24th of June… the first 3 to get back to us by clicking here would get their free space, hurry up to get muddy!

  • Wellbeing away-days: We have some combination of Wellbeing and Team Building workshops coming soon too, partnering with the Leeds-based event management company This Pampered Life! More coming soon on this, we are very excited and will keep you posted for Leeds and Yorkshire opportunities!

If you did not find what you need in these team-building suggestions for your 2018 team away-day, please get in touch with us: we work with a network of great experience providers, and we would love to create the best bespoke day for you and your team!


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