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What is Leeds Wellbeing Week?

Leeds Wellbeing Week has been created to bring together the wellbeing and corporate worlds around a series of wellbeing events all around the city of Leeds.

Leeds Wellbeing Week - Mind It Ltd, Wellbeing workshops, wellbeing webinars, wellbeing training, wellbeing consultancy, Leeds, England

This recurring event is in line with Leeds Growth Strategy: Two of Leeds Growth Strategy’s 2020 challenges are "Health and Wellbeing" and "Productivity", and more specifically to "encourage active healthy lifestyles" and to "increase productivity".

The first edition (Easter 2017) took place in 4 different workplaces in Leeds City Centre: Wrigleys Solicitors, Brewin Dolphin, Headway Recruitment and PricewaterhouseCoopers. These companies enjoyed 4 complementary wellbeing sessions: meditation, yoga, massage and relaxation. In addition, the first edition of ‘Find Happiness in your Workplace’ was hold at Workspace Hub, in Hentons building, and generated positive sparkles and a great impact!

Given this great success, Leeds Wellbeing Week is happening again… soon!

This second edition is expanding, and focuses on the workplace as well as the public space. It will enable Leeds and Yorkshire's citizens to:

“Our goal is to raise awareness on mental and physical health at the scale of the city, not only in workplaces, because people remain the same at home, at work, in the streets of Leeds…” (Lucile, Founder)

And as Mind It keeps fighting to prevent burn-out: Leeds Wellbeing Week is starting on 1st of November 2017 , which is National Stress Awareness Day. (!)


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