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We expanded the 5 ways of wellbeing developed by Action for Happiness (yes, usually less is more but in our case, the more you are aware of your own wellbeing, the better!), and created these 7 activities we invite you to pay attention to every day or week, to guarantee your individual emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

Let’s go around the wellbeing circle:

Mind It's Wellbeing Clinic, Mind It Ltd, Wellbeing workshops, wellbeing webinars, wellbeing training, wellbeing consultancy, Leeds, England

  • BREATHE: We don’t notice when we breathe, yet it is necessary for our survival. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or under stress, try to step back and take 3 deep breaths. Next time you receive an annoying email or text, try to take a few deep breaths before answering. It will help you to respond the way you really want. And it only takes 10 seconds!

  • TAKE NOTICE: We rush from one thing to the next and we never stop yet slowing down is very beneficial to our productivity and overall wellbeing. When is the last time you did nothing? Try it out, even if it sounds scary! Lately, I have been forcing myself to do nothing while I drink my morning coffee. If I’m working from home, I would usually pour myself a coffee, finish up some housing chores, check my social media, start working… and when I remember about the coffee, it is all cold and worthless. Now I force myself to drink – my – coffee. And believe it or not, I feel much more productive doing all the other activities once I have done nothing for 5 to 10 minutes. It enables my brain to think about the next step and plan, which you cannot do when you are rushing.

  • DISCONNECT FROM SCREENS & CONNECT WITH PEOPLE: We are all screen addicts, yet it can get to our brains and emotional and mental wellbeing sometimes. Not talking about social media and how it can harm our self-esteem, just simply thinking about the blue light: it stimulates our brain, so not very helpful to feel calmer physically. I share in my workshops in Leeds and Yorkshire that I have decided to not look at my phone whenever I’m on the bus around Leeds, and it has been amazing: I discover things, buildings, places in Leeds that I had never noticed before, I get creative and have amazing ideas, and most importantly I connect with people and have great conversations. Connecting with others is key for our wellbeing. We are social, but we often forget the power of great conversations and how having a quality chat with a friend is a big source of joy. You might want to connect or re-connect with people around you, just by asking “how are you?”

  • BE ACTIVE: No need to run the next Leeds semi marathon or practice weight lifting everyday (unless it works for you!). Simple moves go a long way: walking your dog in one of Leeds beautiful parks, stretching at your desk regularly, taking the stairwell instead of the elevator… There are many ways for you to get active that do not require you to have much more time, energy or physical ability.

  • GIVE: I do not mean giving money here, but rather time, care and attention. Complimenting someone’s outfit, bringing coffee in the morning, listening to someone rather than giving advice ... are the types of random and simple acts of kindness that support others, make them feel great, and make you feel great simultaneously!

  • LEARN: Trying new things is a way to keep learning: take a different class at the gym, turn down a new path when walking the dog, cook a new meal at home… Explore the stretch zone instead of always staying in the comfort zone here. The worst that can happen here? A funny memory! A friend and I decided to start Thai boxing a couple of years ago and tried our first class in Leeds. Oh boy, it was painful! And we spent the whole hour looking into each other’s eyes meaning ‘never again’. That was the first and last class for us! But to this day, this experience makes us laugh whenever we remember it!

  • REST: and yes, rest is at the centre of our wellbeing clinic on purpose. It is the most underrated health habit. We push back bedtime and try to wake up early to fit more in. Yet when we are sleep deprived, we are not as productive, not as empathetic and more likely to have abusive behaviour at work. Try to work out how many hours sleep you need, at what time you need to wake up, and work backward to know at what time you need to be asleep. One hour before this time is when you should start ‘unwinding’. This means no screen, getting everything ready for the next day and preparing for bed. Remember that professional athletes are not always on the field. Like athletes, we need to recover in order to perform.

I hope this wellbeing clinic helped you to identify ways of wellbeing you might have been doing in the past and would like to re-do, or might want to give a try! We have many other tips that we share in our wellbeing workshops. We are a Leeds-based company and deliver workshops mostly in North England via our network of Yorkshire-based experts. However, our online resources are meant to support everybody, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any question or want to discuss any topic: info@mind-it.co.uk

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